About us

Who inspires you? For me, it's been the wonderful ladies in my life - my Mum and Grandmothers. I remember sitting at my Nan's old Singer sewing machine at around the age of 6, turning the handle and watching the needle dive in and out of the fabric and hearing the amazing clunking sounds of machine parts as it fed my work across its teeth. My Father's mother was an amazing knitter. My siblings and I always had a new jumper every birthday and Christmas and each one was personalised to our request of colour and design. The speed of her needles was incredible!

My Mum has been the biggest inspiration. Her love of crafts and arts is evident throughout her home with examples of her work everywhere be it embroidery, pottery, glass beads, painting, drawing...the list goes on. I couldn't help but be drawn into a love of crafts. This is where my love of interiors, fabrics, dressmaking, upholstery and general 'craftyness' comes from! So when I tried to think of a name for my business, something relating to my Mum was the obvious choice. 'Cleopatricia' is part of her online auction site username!

I also believe strongly in fair pricing and ethical sourcing for my suppliers. I've been involved with Fair Trade products for a majority of my career and have seen the positive effects that balance in trade gives disadvantaged communities across the globe. All products on my site will be ethically sourced with many being Fair Trade and/or Organic/GOTS certified.

I hope that you too will enjoy the homeware, fabric and yarns collections in my range as much as me and add exquisite pieces for yourself, your home or even a loved one, and maybe you'll be able to inspire someone in your life to explore craft or interior design for themselves. Who knows, they may even name a shop after you!